What is the humanity?

Observing monkeys gave me feeling that we, as human, are even more close to monkeys than I could imagine.
Thei behaviours are almost the same as human, including caring about others or fear.

Mother and child was sitting on the fence. After some time father came. He kissed the child and patted it on the head. Then kissed the mother. Also for goodbye.

Time spent together they used for some “talking” and gathering.

When, after few minutes, father left them they observed his way and looked like scared a little bit.

It was also funny to observe when the child was the only one who didn’t really care about rules. For quite long moment all adult monkeys were observing something very carefully. Small one was playing, jumping on the tree and looking everywhere around but the place the adults were.

While walking parents took care of their children…

…and protected them against annoying tourists with flash.

There are also collectors among monkeys :)

Lopburi is called monkey’s city. There are monkeys everywhere. People don’t hurt them due to their beliefs, however they shoot from special, noisy, guns (not to monkeys but into the air) just to scare them. Monkeys are going everywhere, living in ruins, eating from streets and going inside shops.

This one is even “reading” :)

Looking for food…

…and making bouquet.

Some other shots.


2 responses to “What is the humanity?

  1. Great photos. I have always been fascinated with monkeys. I loved seeing and interacting with them in Thailand and Indonesia. Looks like you had a wonderful time observing them. Thanks for sharing your photos.

    • It was amazing. My first meeting was in Lopburi, the monkey city. But it was much nicer to meet them in the natural environment. I just loved that.

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