Snack in Paris – Paris Series e1

What I enjoy the most usually are not buildings and history, even the beautiest, but the nature. That’s why even in Paris I was looking for our smaller friends. In Paris, like in my homeland – Poland, were the most popular. And they showed they courage to associate with people. Of course for some small snack instead.

Small Sparrow is looking for some crumbs in a bar

In front of Notre Dame birds were learnt to eat only treats. Typical cake did not work, but you could count for a “bird-man” as I called him to give you a sponge cake and learn how to keep it so birds will eat right from your hand. With no obligation to pay. But… I need to tell him big THANK YOU. It was wonderful!

In case of a bird-man sponge cake was not obligatory.

What I was happy to see was the woman feeding wounded pigeon. She didn’t just left crumbs in from of the doors. She gave them one by one and took care than any other, healthy, bird will not take them from the wounded one. I hope there is more such people on the world.


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