Kupala Night – thousands lights on the sky

Kupala Night is celebrated in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Russia currently on the night of 23/24 June in the Gregorian Calendar.
Calendar-wise, it is opposite to the winter solstice holiday Korochun. The celebration relates to the summer solstice when nights are the shortest and includes a number of fascinating Pagan rituals.
Many of the rites related to this holiday within Slavic religious beliefs, due to the ancient Kupala rites, are connected with the role of water in fertility and ritual purification.
On Kupala day, youth jump over the flames of bonfires in a ritual testing of one’s bravery and faith. A couple in love’s failure to complete the jump while holding their hands is a sign of their destined separation.
Girls would float wreaths of flowers often lit with candles on rivers and would attempt to gain foresight into their relationship fortunes from the flow patterns of the flowers on the river. Men may attempt to capture the wreaths, in the hope of capturing the interest of the woman who floated the wreath.

In Poznan, Poland 2012 was second year where thousands of chinese lanterns are flying to make wishes true on this special day of the year.


5 responses to “Kupala Night – thousands lights on the sky

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  3. very beautiful. These lanterns have been banned here in the UK, because there has been a huge fire a few days ago (one dropped somewhere in a factory and caught fire). Beautiful but can be dangerous.

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