Look around – churches and palaces nearby

Many people, including me, travel thousands kilometers to see amazing buildings. When we are there we are also fascinated by “normal” places, like houses, ruins, typical churches. I took photos of old men sitting and playing chess on a bench. I was amazed by poor houses or its colors. Now I tried to look at my area with the same eyes. And I discovered a lot of nice places. Not even mention that I discovered historic churches and palaces I did not have any idea about within distance of 5-7 kilometers from my home.

Today I present first part of my trip around Rokietnica. Churches and palaces presented are part of Rokietnica Province, small province near Poznan, Poland that has 13000 inhibitants.


St. Nicolaus Catholic Church
Build in 1902, replaced previous churches, first one was build in that place in 1465.

Neoclassic Palace built in 1912. It’s surrounded by 8,2 ha park created in XIX century. Palace is privately owned.


Church of Blessed Virgin Mary built between 1510 and 1517. Also the gate and the belfry have historical value.

Near the church the manor built in 1809 is located. Palace is privately owned.


Church of Exaltation of the Cross built in 1828.


Palace is located in historic park created at the end of XIX century. Palace was funded in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century and still is owned by Poznan University of Life Sciences.


My favourite palace. I live 3 kilometers from that place and for last four years I did not have any idea of its existence. I’ve fallen in love in that place. This palace, built in 1900 is different than any other located in that area. For me it looks more like castle than palace.


And now, at the end, historic church Church of Christ the King located in my city, Rokietnica. Built in 1890 became much too small in comparison to rising number of inhibitants.

Feel welcome to visit, I discovered that I like it, even if I had no idea it exists just last week :)


5 responses to “Look around – churches and palaces nearby

  1. This was a beautiful post. I have had a similar experience in looking at the things around me with new eyes and one finds that there’s a lot to enjoy right in your locality. I like the pictures of the different churches. Their structures are very different from those in the United States, especially the first one. Continue the fun!

  2. asaleem, thank you for your comment. It is important to see that somebody likes what you do. I was really not aware of all those historical places around. We usually treat our own area as boring or just normal, then we drive hundreds kilometers to see something very similar. Drivining and seeing other world is still important but we need to remember than the grass is green also on our side of the fence.

  3. The Rokietnica shot was especially nice. A shot of that in winter might be worth posting when the seasons change.

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