Look around – wonders of nearby area

Following monuments of my close area I found some nice places. I tried to look at them in different way, similar to that I look at places while beeing abroad. I found out that polish, sometimes poor, houses are as interesting as similar, e.g. in Asia.

Here are some of them.

Żydowo, historic park around palace

Close to the park I found picture I had to take. Few minutes later dogs were fighting, trying to show whose teeths are bigger.

Trying to find historic park in Rostworowo I found out that in the park houses were build. No more park found, but nice, for me Gaudi style house, accomplished its mission.

From the other hand Cerekwica showed what happens with places when there is not enough money. Small shop is just something funny with its sign to do not drink in its close area. But the house had to look beautiful in its best times.

Palace in Napachanie, shown in previous post has also very nice park that, when cared, would be even nicer.

And just one more picture from Rokietnica. Not historic but beautifully green, fence.


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