School trips should be forbidden

…or at least those with boring sightseeing, history geeks.
Today I’ve visited Gdansk. I’ve been here before couple years ago with a school trip. Old guide woman bored us to death with historical facts which, additionally, were said in very silent german. Our group, mix of polish and german high school students, were looking mostly around as we heard barely anything. Everything what I remember is staying at the old market, next to Sphinx Restaurant (only place I remember in Gdansk from that trip), and trying to hear anything.
Today I saw beautiful, amazing city. Full of wonderful historical building ideally combined with new architecture. I saw the city to which I should come back years ago. But I didn’t want. Only thing I remember was that it is boring and nothing special.
I know that with the age people are changing and look at the same things in different way. But, in contrary to Gdansk, and as a positive (or more negative in that situation) example, I can give Vienna. In the same age as Gdansk I visited Vienna. The only difference is that I didn’t have boring guide there. I wandered around the city on my own. Staying where I wanted, crossing when I didn’t like something. I’ve fallen in love in that city and wanted to come back as often as possible. The same age, architecture, city, different situation and results.
And here I beg all teachers. Take your pupils to the forest, hike, have fun. Do not bore them. It will take them years or even decades to like something they hated because of stupid school trip. End.

*Look for next posts showing beautiness of Gdansk.


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