I have time. Just give me a nut.

Chester. St John the Baptist’s Church’s park. I saw first squirrel. Grey. They won the battle with original red squirrels living in the UK long time ago. Not very shy. Looking for food from visitors but finding nuts from the trees on their own. There were running around me and running away finding out I have nothing useful for them. It made me smile. It was definitely better than looking at buildings (even beautiful) all day.

The Squirrels’ photo session :)


I don’t know about you, but I… need to go…


10 responses to “I have time. Just give me a nut.

    • There is a lot of them there and they are not afraid. But I had one funny situation in Poland. I went to Park Lazienkowski in Warsaw, was walking in some quiter part of the park, with less people around (it’s a huge park really almost in the city centre). At first I saw a fox. Then some people walking said me (without asking) “they are not coming, probably are fed enough” – I wasn’t sure what they ment untill some squirrels started to run on me. One squirrel literraly climed my jeans. At first I was scared – maybe it had rabies? But after a minute another one came and I started to take photos. They weren’t great, because squirrels were on me while I was taking photos, but it was quite amazing experience :)

      • I would love to experience this too. I am not afraid that they can be ill, actually one can see that an animal is acting strange if ill… I love their curiosity and the way they come closer, in Romania they are very afraid of people. They are very similar to my two guinea pigs, so I am really very found of bunnies and squirrels also. :)

        • This is exactly I thought that they are ill – because they climbed on me and I could not expect that. But I’ve heard that there is no rabies in UK.

  1. I used to take a lot of photos of squirrels. They are fun to watch except when they are eating all the bird seed from my bird feeder!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • I can assume the seeds are not ment for them. But I wouldn’t mind that. Just there are no squirrels in my area ;) Thanks for visit and comment.

    • Thank you! I have four banner photographs so I don’t know which you meant but I like them all so nice to hear that somebody likes them too :)

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