Feet of Innocence

My photo has been published on ToeMail blog.

Here you can visit it:


via Thailand.

Feet in Thai culture are the dirty part of the body. Showing somebody a bottom of the foot means insult and that means loss of face – for both – you and the person you showed your feet. Even so small child, living in the mountain village, knows those rules. You, visiting Thailand, should remember about that too.


4 responses to “Feet of Innocence

    • It was amazing experience. To see people who live in small, wooden, poor village, without running water or electricity – people who are happy and enjoy the life.

        • We are running to have more – more money, more place, more expensive car, more modern flat… but by running we never have time to appreciate what we have and always want more. They don’t have nothing so they appreciate the life. I’m not sure if I would like to fully exchange my life to theirs but at least it makes me think too :)

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