The Rose

It’s beautiful autumn here in Poznan, Poland. It was about 20 degrees until yesterday. Today we had a mist all day long, but still warm. Anyway, it’s not a weather forecast. Beautiful, warm, autumn is a great excuse for photo-walks. But today, instead of colourful, gold-red-green, trees I decided to show you a beautiful rose I found yesterday. And, because that rose looked so unreal on the photo from the beginning, I decided to experiment just a little bit with PS.

This is the original photo:

And here is the rose with changed background:

I usually like red and black together, but I think there is missing something on that photo. Just don’t know what exactly.

Change of colours changed it character and… they do not look like my rose any more, but I like them.

But this… this is my favourite. A tool was discovered accidentally.

And this… is this still a rose? ;)

Which one do you like best? Don’t hastitate to say, even you like none.


14 responses to “The Rose

  1. Ah, the joys of PS :) A flower with such an intense red is always a chalenge for a digital camera, but you managed to “nail it” very well. I prefer the altered colors, particularly the black one, but both gained a bit of a glass look that make them almost abstract.

    • Thanks for the comment. I usually do not play too much with PS, but maybe I should start. For now it’s like walking in the mist ;)
      The original one looked abstract as well. Other photos were “normal” and this one looked so artificial.

  2. Ok, my favorite is probably because I’m biased toward the color blue, but I really like the blue highlighted rose :) It’s so beautiful! Reminds me of Avatar or something similar :) Thanks for sharing these!

    ~My Blog

  3. Well . . I think I still prefer the original one than the others. But if you insist that I have to pick one of the altered, then the one which you made with a tool you accidentally discovered is the best.

    • Thank you :) However, I meant to pick up one, not necessary the altered one :) So now I know you two choices. And what I like in the original one is that it looks so artificial, like done from some kind of jelly material. Probably because of light.

  4. Love the rose, and black background! Love the blue rose, and I agree with the one you enjoy best! Gorgeous : )

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