Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

We cross our streets very often even without a look. We dream about travels, new places and cultures, not noticing beautiful places around us. I do. I try to change that attitude, looking around, taking photos. But I know that the best way to see beauty of our neighbourhood is to take some foreigner for a walk.
But today’s post is about being a foreigner in a foreign place, noticing beautify of what is foreign.

Here are some my proposal of what is foreign, beautiful and is worth visiting.

Tunisia, Sousse, Old Town

Italy, Rome, Karakali Baths


Bangkok, Monks

(photo by Aneta Bajerova)

Bangkok, Wat Arun

Northern Thailand, Elephant

Turkey, Istanbul, Grand Bazaar

Portugal, Cabo da Roca


5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

    • Those blue doors are so characteristic for Mediterranean countries, especially Arabic and Greece. But those I found in the old town of Sousse, Tunisia, when some tunisian showed me around the city.
      And thank you for your comment :)

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