One lovely blog award nomination

One morning I opened wordpress and saw something that I didn’t expect. It took my quite long time to reply and do everything required, but finally, here it is. I was nominated to the One lovely blog award by Chris (chris13jkt). I would really like to Thank You Chris. It was big surprise and I am very happy to be nominated.

Here are the rules (and its status – this is what took me so long to take care of :) ):

1. Thank the person who nominated you – I’ll try my best, including this post :)
2. Add The One Lovely Blog Award to your post – here it is
 Share 7 things about yourself – hard, but see below
4. Pass the award on to 15 nominees – hard again, but fortunately I had luck to pass through many wonderful posts
5. Include this set of rules – done
6. Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs – will be done :)


Seven Things about Me:
1. I am a person who still looks for its way of life
2. I love travelling. I am addicted to it and usually think about travel always when there is no other subject in my mind
3. I love taking photos; I’m usually not happy with its result, but the process of taking photos absorbs me completely
4. I love reading books
5. I like writing – I wrote articles, one chapter to the travel book and hopefuly more to come
6. I don’t like beer
7. I like when somebody write a comment on my blog :)

And here are the Nominees (in random order – sorry, I couldn’t help but nominate 16):


20 responses to “One lovely blog award nomination

  1. Hi Ewa, I feel really honored and touched that someone likes my blog enough to nominate it to an award like this one. It was a nice surprise.
    Unfortunately, I will be unable to accept the nomination as I think I am unable to comply with rules 3 and 4, particularly with the later. It would be extremely difficult for me to choose among the many fantastic blogs that I regularly visit the ones to nominate without feeling that I was unfair to someone. It’s probably just a big limitation on my part and I hope you do not feel offended.
    Thanks again.

    • Carlos, of course I’m not. I had difficulty to choose blogs and I would find even more. So I can fully understand you :) Anyway, thanks for your blog and visiting mine :)

  2. Thank you Ewa. I am very pleased you found my blogs interesting enough to be nominated. I am glad your’s was nominated as well. I will try my hardest to participate and pass other nominations along. Thanks again!

  3. Thanks so much for the blog award nomination – it means a lot to me that you enjoy my photos and ramblings.

    I accept your nomination in the sense that it is an honour to receive it. However, I have chosen not to specifically follow the rules of passing along these types of awards. Thank you again.

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  5. Ditto on Krahnpix and Sethsnap; these guys photograph life as if hailing from a constellation where clarity and form are gifts the way super strength helped Superman. May their portfolios be economic for them both for many years.

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