During my travel around Thailand I experienced the most beautiful moments in my life, saw the most beautiful places I’ve ever saw and tried wonderful food. Yesterday I decided to look around my photos and chose few to share with you.

What do you think about such lunch?


7 responses to “Mniami

    • Oh, It’s so great period to be there. I’m sure you will have amazing time. How long are you going for? What do you want to see there?

      • We are going to Bangkok and Pattaya… Phuket on the optional list as we do not have much time…we are going for 5 days. The places that i really want to see in Bangkok are the Wat Arun, Floating Market, Chinatown etc. You can suggest me some good places please.

        • Yeah, for five days it’s probably enough. I haven’t been to Pattaya but I don’t like those very touristic places so probably I would not choose it myself. But there is a lot of beautiful small islands around with more thai and less touristic characters, depending on what you like.

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