Beauty of that place was overhelming. But what added even more to it was one month travel. From one place to another, different cities, different places, no time for breath. If you travel a lot after a while you need to take a vacation from travelling. For me that was the end of my travel. Last destination. We had few more plans, ideas where to go. But then we arrived, we saw the beach and that was it. We just stayed there, no more power to move anywhere. But it was beautiful. Quiet. Essence of holidays. Just two days, but really two days when our body had a rest. Previous weeks were holidays for our mind – forgetting about daily life, troubles, home. Now was time for the body. I loved it. But… why beautiful moments finish so quickly?

Here it is. Beach on Phuket Island (Thailand). Far from party places which Phuket is known for. About 10km from the Airpoirt with no noise from planes. No direct bus there and 5km walk from main street. My own personal paradise. Even if for short.


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