New is good

Having some free time (and a lot to learn for exam in one month, what always help to do other important stuff ;) ) I decided to re-design my blog.
This is just a start. My plan is bigger and I hope I will find enough time to implement it.

What’s to come?
– More info on cultures, cultural differences and what we should know travelling (or working in multicultural environment)
– Travel Guides – practical guide on where to go and what to see; travels only, no place for “tourism”

What do you think? What would you like to read about? What else should I change/ not change? All suggestions and comments greatly appreciated!


5 responses to “New is good

  1. Information on cultures would be great – it’s always nice to learn a little more about different cultures.

  2. Good luck with your exam! Excellent choice in learning about cultures in and out of the workplace. Because in the workplace, what someone feels is appropriate, discourages another. Body language and acknowledging their customs can go a long way : )

    • Thank you! Exam is on project management, not cultures. But cultures and cultural differences is one of my hobbies. I totally agree that it is difficult, but also very important, to understand and acknowledge body language and customs of others. But even if we are experts in theory it is very difficult to change our own behaviours, especially in stressful situation when we often act automatically.

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