St. Martin’s Day Parade

Like every year the parade for St. Martin’s Day in Poznan was the place to be. It’s not huge, it’s not like Carneval’s parades in Rio, but it’s local, traditional and nice.

Of course, as I wrote here: croissants are the most important. But that day, on St. Martin’s street, you will find everything.

One of things that are present there as long as I remember are the Indians who sing and play. Normally, you don’t see Indians in Poznan and I have no idea how it started. But they are always there and this year I saw them even in the official programme of the day.

St. Martin’s street is usually closed for cars and people are everywhere.

It’s also a place to show your skills and earn some money on it. This guy did a lot of tricks with basket balls. Here the ball in a fire.

The parade itself is a collection of different figures, more or less connected to Poznan and its tradition.

Goats are the symbol of Poznan. Every day, at the noon, people can observe two goats “fighting” with each other on the Town Hall travel.

This year the enigma machine (electro-mechanical rotor cipher machine used for the encryption and decryption of secret messageswas shown. In December 1932, the Polish Cipher Bureau consisting of 5 scientists from Poznan first broke Germany’s military Enigma ciphers. Five weeks before the outbreak of World War II, on 25 July 1939, in Warsaw, they presented their Enigma-decryption techniques and equipment to French and British military intelligence.).

Hedgehog became popular in Pozna when one night it went through whole cite center. Nobody new why and what exactly it is. It appeared to be part of some show prepared by some theatre. This way hedgehog became a star ;)

How the trojan horse is connected to Poznan and St. Martin? No idea. Maybe they knew each other? ;)

And the most important person of the day. St. Martin on the white horse…

After a parade there still was a lot to do. On some storefronts displayes were arranged. There was also a backyard of the forgotten games (more on this soon).

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