Backyard of the forgotten playgrounds

As promised in here I’m writing something else about forgotten playgrounds backyard organized on the St. Martin’s street during St. Martin’s day.

Children nowadays, at least in the developed countries spend most time in from of the computer, iPad, TV, playstation and… everything digital. You can’t just see children playing on the backyard, spending time with other children, doing some sport (in except of playing football etc.).

When I was a child we didn’t have at least one computer in each house, TV was black & white, and playstation was something invited a little bit later.

I went out, called my friends, played using rubbers, ropes, knives (yes, knives), colored chalks or pretending to run a shop using plants and stones as products. We socialized, were fit and happy, didn’t kill (in games) for fun and collected stones instead of points for killed mosters. I liked it. And liked the idea of refreshing that games on St. Martin’s day. And what I observed was that children did have no idea about any of those games and weren’t strong enough to jump over the rope, especially in comparison to their parents.


6 responses to “Backyard of the forgotten playgrounds

  1. It is also heppened in my country as well. Children nowadays don’t know how fun it is to play in the backyard, even they don’t know how to make a kite :(

    • It’s sad. But I think it’s also a fault of adults. Not full, because children are not willing to do that, but also adults have less time for their children and TV and computer are easiest to make child busy.

  2. When my children were younger we did so much outdoors. It is something you have to do more often than not. It is a technology generation, and they do need to be taught how to have good fun in various atmospheres.

    • I totally agree with you. The most important for us is to teach them how to play, spend time with them and convince that there are better ways to spend free time than sitting in front of the computer (and now I’m thinking about what I’m doing in my free time right now ;) ).

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