What do we live for?

Short and,probably not as easy as it looks, question.

If you would have a possibility to choose, which live from the following would you choose for yourselves:

– live 100 years, but without leaving a home – you will have Internet, mobile, TV, everything what you can have now, but you can’t leave your home, event not going to the garden, you are staying inside walls
– live 40 years, but you can have a live as you do now

I’m curious what the discussion could bring…


6 responses to “What do we live for?

      • You guess my right Ewa. For one I like to live long and I think I can get whatever I want without leaving home, but other parts of me needs freedom since I like to be in the nature.

        • I believe that we can adjust to what we have. People in poor countries may be happy in environment we would even not be able to survive with our own set of experiences. It’s also easier not to miss something we don’t know. Let’s say there is some very tasty dish in the country you’ve never been and there are no restaurants serving it. You might love it, it might become your best dish ever, but you even don’t know that it exists.
          But in that case… You stay at home, it’s all your life. You watch TV, use Internet. You see that there is world out there, you see beautiful places on videos. And then I would imagine two situations: you want to go there, see it yourself, experience and the second, you are to afraid to even dream about it – you’ve never been outside and this is danger.
          So this is personality dependent again. We don’t know what we would do beeing in situation we never experienced. But I can imagine happy live in four walls. I just don’t believe I, myself, would be happy then :)
          However, I like that discussion :)

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