Those photos took my breat away. I had to reblog it!

Stream beside our camp site


I was awakened by something that sounded like goats running around the tent. Given that there were not many other animals dwelling in upper Enchantments capable of making that sound , I was pretty sure they were goats. Good thing they didn’t horn in the tent. They seemed pretty close to it though. May be they do not like a human’s tent. But on the other hand they certainly have developed a special attraction towards humans. As I was washing my face, they couldn’t wait to lick the water and almost shoved me away. But they had to wait until I was done and unfortunately even then, it wasn’t what they were looking for. Okay, enough of goats. Believing they will avoid the tent for their own sake, I stayed in my sleeping bag for a bit trying to picture the scenery outside in my mind. When I got out of the tent, another bright sunny…

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