Far away from Christmas

It’s Christmas time. People all over the world come home, visit their families or miss them if they can’t do it. It’s not different with my family. But I’m different. I don’t feel Christmas. I don’t like sitting with my family in front of full table, with TV in the background. It’s not that I don’t like my family. I just don’t lake be made to sit there for 2-3 days and do nothing else but eat. Instead, I would like to be far away, spend that time in some beautiful place, with people from all over the world, hiking, sitting on the beach or exploring caves. Whatever.
Exactly one year ago I’ve been to Khao Sok National Park. Beautiful jungle, where I had possibility to experience the noise of the jungle, eat the best sour-sweet chicken and climb an underground waterfall.
After spending a night at the airport, freezing because of an air-con, we moved to Khao Sok. We were joined by a couple from the Netherlands, who was fascinated by my story of Khao Sok. Just at the bus stop (I think that name is too much from that place) we found a place to sleep – 500 meters from the entrance to jungle, huts on stilts and monkeys jumping on the terrace. Next day we’ve decided for one day trekking. We sailed the boat across the lake that were created after building a dam (eight rivers were connected that way and three villages were flooded). After arriving to the opposite lakeside I swam in that amazing lake. Then we had the dinner. All people, all of them backpackers, were joking that it’s a Christmas dinner. The table was full with amazing, fresh food and nobody had such lunch mostly in weeks or months. After the meal we went through the jungle to visit caves. To go from one end to the other we had to swim in the underground lake and hike a waterfall. Our cameras were protected in special bag, but when I regained my camera I was ale to take some photos of huge spiders and beautiful underworld. When we came back we headed toward the ferry that took us to Koh Tao, where we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas.
Here are some photos I chosen from the best Christmas time I’ve ever had.
I wish All of You to spend that time as you want – with family, friends or travelling – just to spend it beautifully.

Wooden huts in the jungle. You better not leave your towels on the terrace, monkeys may like them too.

When we walked to the jungle we were amazed by nature there. It was like in some movie – unreal. And when I saw that liana… I just had to swing on it…

On the next day we arrived to the heaven (read: jungle) on such long tail boat…

…and have the most wonderful dinner (lunch due to time) I’ve ever had (not just because of the food but also place).

We already had hotel booked in Koh Tao. But when I saw those huts I regret early booking. Lesson learnt – do not book any nights, you may miss wonderful possibilities. Right there we could take canoe. I canoed many times before but that time I’ve fallen out of it right after putting my first leg there. It was good – water was amazing and instead of canoe I spend half an hour swimming. And for those people staying there. Can you imagine waking up in the morning and going out right to that beautiful lake?
jungle huts

Walking in the jungle we found a lot of amazing place, that for me – person from Europe – looked unreal.
lake in the jungle

Jungle paths are not always easy. There were also a lot of brooks. And when you crossed them you might be almost certain to have a new friend – leech ;)

It’s important to enter the cave where it is narrow and move in the direction where its width increases. That way, in case of rain, you have more chance not to be flooded. In some parts of caves there are lakes already. When the water enters cave it becomes deeper and may even reach the top of the cave.

Caves have also inhabitants – we’ve met a lot of bats and spider. I believe they are not the only ones.

Visiting caves was great experience and I’m happy that I don’t ask myself, as some of my friends do, how could I walk there if I knew that there might be bats, spiders and other animals. I could. And it even made it more interesting.

On the way back air became more clear and I enjoyed taking photos of the lake and lime stones until… my camera died. No more photos from that day. Battery had to wait until next day and arrival to Koh Tao.



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