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Few years ago, after shopping, I went to the bus stop and I couldn’t believe in what I saw. I thought there were young hawks or something like that (I’m not a bird expert). There were about six of them. Young, curious, stupid. They couldn’t even fly. I spend with them quite a lot of time, happy to have my camera with me. Those photos were taken with Canon Powershot 520, without any good zoom, so you can imagine how close I could be.
Youngsters weren’t scared and looked at me with curiosity. I didn’t see a mother, they might felt down from a huge billboard under which I found them. I called Zoo, but they said that they can’t come and I should call municipal police to take them to Zoo. Municipal Police told them that they cannot take birds with them. And I didn’t have any carton, box or even a car. As I learn Kestrels live in the city and there is quite a lot of them there (but I have never again seen any).
I hope they survived. They were young, I observed them passing the road and I knew one second and the car can be there…
Anyway, it was an amazing moment. Right in the city.






This post is my response to this week’s travel theme. More details here:


15 responses to “Travel theme: New

  1. I used to volunteer at a wildlife rescue centre.When people called up about baby birds , the advice “most” of the time was just to leave them be. That would certainly be the case with these young Kestrels , although seemingly blissfully unaware of the dangers around them , they were developed enough to be able to fly – and ultimately that is their best defence. Great to see them so close though! :-)

    • You are probably right. It’s like touching some animals cause that their parents will not take care of them anymore. I hope those were fine and survived until they learnt how to avoid risk.
      Thank you for your valuable comment.

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