My best friend

And here is the time for my Dog.
I love her. For being my friend. For her beautiful, knowing eyes and crazy ears. For understanding. For waiting always until I’ll let her in (I always go in home after her, but she always waits). For crazy happiness when I come home and jealousy when I try to greet with my parents first. For understanding that we talk about her even without mentioning her name, word of a dog and similar things. For looking offended when saying something bad about her. For negotiations (last time I tried to convince her that if she will eat her dog’s food she will receive her snacks – it was quite funny, took few minutes and looked like “Lady, you’ll eat your food, you’ll get your snack”, her: look like – no way, I won’t eat it, me: “You’d like your snacks, right? So here is the deal…”, her look: No, c’mon, you can just give me a snack”, after few of those, her: Ok, give me that… and took exactly two bites, I looked at her and said “Lady, not two bites, at least a half of what you have”, she ate exactly half… She got snacks, looked at me like “Well.. it wasn’t actually that bad… I’ll eat the rest” – and how can you explain to me that she doesn’t understand? :) ).
So, this is my lovely Lady during our last excursion.





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