For all these beautiful moments

Exactly 100 posts and 8 months ago I started this blog.

When I posted last post and I saw 99 I thought that I should prepare something special for the 100 post “celebration”. I just looked, because of a curiosity, when exactly first post has been written. And here we are, I saw that this is today (so was “tomorrow” when I found it out). So I chose to write that post exactly (even minutes count) 8 months after my first one.

I would like to thank you all for all your visits and comments and likes. I really appreciate you being with me. In the past I created few blogs and web pages, but I wasn’t patient enough – nobody visited, I stopped writing. This time is different. I started from 53 views in May. The best month was November with 952 views.

Thank to you!

And here is what I’ve chosen for the topic. Photographs from different countries with the moments or places I loved most. Those photographs aren’t special, most of them are below average. But there are memories I wanted to include into this post. So let’s start.

Berlin, Germany – Polish Evening, 2006
During Socrates Erasmus student’s exchange I’ve met people from all over the world. We lived in dormitory, six rooms in a flat. Kitchen was the best place to socialize. Once me and my friends from Poland decided to do a polish dinner for our friends, mostly from Australia, the UK, France. I loved my life in Berlin, being with people from all over the world every day, the city. And I love that photo because my Australian (and one English) friends look at it like they didn’t eat for weeks.


Monastir, Tunisia – Walk on the Beach, 2009
One day, before I started my work day, I was asked by a friend if I want to go to Tunisia. She already booked it, but didn’t think that passport is needed to go to Tunisia. I almost didn’t know the other girl I were supposed to spend my holidays with. But it was amazing. First days were quite cold and rainy, but still we shared days between leisure and travelling across nearby cities. And you can imagine my joy when I saw those camels at the beach, especially the young one. And with the smile… we didn’t even have to buy anything ;)

z wielbladem

Warsaw, Poland – They aren’t hungry, 2006
While living in Berlin we took our friends for a journey through Poland. One of our destination was Warsaw. Here is the Park Lazienkowski (translated into Bathrooms’ Park, but is not really related to bathrooms).
When I entered the park I saw a fox. A moment later some people passed me and told that they are not hungry. It was my first time in that park and I had no idea what they meant. Few minutes later I saw a squirrel who tried to climb at me, literally. At first, I was scared. I thought they are sick. But then one climbed, then the second. Amazing moments.

ja z wiewiórką

Rome, Italy – 100 Years Old Carousel, 2009
Rome is beautiful, every step in that city is exiting, you never know in which moment will you find some thousands years old column on typical street. And when I saw this carousel I’ve fallen in love. When I rode it I felt like a child, very happy child.


Manchester, England – Dunham Massey, 2010
Park where deers are at your fingertips. It was amazing experience and I wished I could have better lenses to take the photos closer. Fortunately, some of them where close enough to touch them. Which I didn’t do.


Scotland – Enchanted with the Beauty of the Hills, 2010
We drove to Scotland to see Edinburgh. On the way I saw something much more beautiful, hills and mountains of Scotland. Covered with mist greyish, quiet. I wish I could go there by motorbike. To be able to stop at any place and take photos. Cars and motorways make it impossible.


And the cows. Cows I’ve never seen before. Again, I wish I could have better lenses by then, they weren’t too close yet just great.


Barcelona, Spain – Parrots and Pigeon, 2008
Park Güell is one of the most beautiful places in Barcelona. Originally created to build unique residential estate now it’s one of main touristic attraction of the city. Small substitute of jungle in the city centre along with beautiful Gaudi’s art work. But, beside it’s beauty, the most amazing moment was when I saw, for the first time in my life, parrots at large, looking even better with the pigeon drinking the water.

Barcelona 2008 350

Sintra, Spain – City from a Fairytale, 2011
When I came to that city it was already pretty late. I didn’t make it to the Castle of the Moors as I didn’t want to come back by night, but the city… It has very interesting and unparalleled architecture. Houses there look like small fairytale palaces and the palace visible from each part of the city with two huge chimneys that look like some factory and not the palace.


Lop Buri, Thailand – My First Monkeys, 2011
I can’t believe it was already one year ago. In Thailand I saw many beautiful places that I will never forget. Lop Buri wasn’t pretty at all. But here I’ve met “my first” monkeys. They live in temple’s ruins and are all over the city centre. Jumping on streets, cars and stealing food if tourists do not protect it properly. Wild in the city, it reminds me of evolution…


Wladyslawowo, Poland – The Polish Jungle
It wasn’t a jungle really. I decided to walk 15 kilometers from one seaside village to another. On my way, not only at the beach, I found a small canyon that reminded me forests in northern Thailand. It was green, dark and mysterious. Unfortunately, too dark to show it on the photo as a whole.


Paris, France – Music in the Crowd

The subway network in Paris is great, but what makes it even better are people. I’ve met that guy on my way to my hotel. He played on that funny instrument, despite the crowds. And his music and singing were beautiful. I interacted with him for a short moment. He even told me a name of that instrument and the story behind that song, which I unfortunately forgot. It was the song from his homeland, I need to find my record of what he was saying. Anyway, one of first things I did was to record him on my mobile. And it was a reaction of other people as soon as they entered a car. Somebody from the other end of the car gave him quite big amount of money, passing it by other passangers. Great moments, showing how other people can live their lives. And the best 15 minutes in the crowd I’ve ever had.


Istanbul, Turkey – Colorful Freezing, 2012
I visited Istanbul on my way back from Thailand. After a month in tropics it was cold and probably not as fantastic as the city really is. I loved the colors, architecture, but the most amazing moment was our short cruise from European to Asian part of the city, just to see a sunset. It was worth it, even with all that freezing involved.


Basel, Switzerland – Like in the Movie, 2012
Who didn’t see American movies with some colorful amusement park? I saw. And I wasn’t in any yet. But joining the Basel Fall Festival I felt like in one of those amusement parks from a movie. Full of colors, lights, trailers where you can win toys or catch fish, a giant corn, music and scary carousels. I felt like a child. The child in american movie. And that was very happy child inside there.


Khao Sok National Park, Thailand – how it all started…
My first post. 8 months ago:

I was sitting at the gates of jungle, in the area of Khao Sok National Park, drinking juice and teaching my friend how to take photos at night. And because both, the blog and my memory of the moment, I could call “The Frozen Moments” it’s how it all started. I hope you enjoyed. Even if it was a little bit long.


Thank You!


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    • Thank you for visiting and nice words. I fully agree, those cosw are amazing :) And their fur fits great to the snow there, I wonder if it is OK in the summer.

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