The Cathedral and the bridge with a story

The Poznan Cathedral looks most amazing at night, especially from the bridge which red and blue colors add magic to it. However, the story of the bridge itself is interesting. Even not that old as the Cathedral (which is one of the oldest churches in Poland and the oldest Polish cathedral, dating from the 10th century) it has its story.

The old bridge span, resting further away after reconstruction of another bridge, was transported 1 km north to be used in creating that small bridge. The most spectacular was the span transportation above the other bridge, which itself has 4-lane roadway and the tram line. 450 tons span had to be carried on 9 meters, moved on the bridge and then lowered again. That particular operation was viewed by hundreds of people on 29th of September 2007. Since then it connects the island, where the city has started thousands years ago, and one of its districts.





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