Rocks of Tiltis

Highest point in the borders of Engelberg is Mt. Titlis which is 3,239 m. To get to the top you need to take three different cable cars in total and you’ll be on the top of Small Tiltis which is 3028 m. The rest you might need to climb, but for sure not in the winter.
You can ski down from Tiltis using mostly reds, but there are also some yellows, which means that they are not prepared and used only for free style skiing. Landscape changes with each cable car you switch, starting from forest and finishing with raw rocks. And all look amazing, especially with clear sky and snow around.

Here is the photo of lower parts of Tiltis, taken from a cable car.


Another view from the cable car you’ll find at

And, even if your polish is close to none, you can always visit to see more photos from my excursion to Engelberg.

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