Play with me!

There was already one photo of dog at the beach. I love animals and I really enjoy when people accept them. In Poland it’s difficult to find a place at the coast where I can freely enjoy beach and swimming with my dog.
In Mirissa, southern Sri Lanka, I saw a lot of homeless dogs, probably leaving nearby many of cafes and restaurants located on the beach. And all of them were extremely friendly and wanted to play with people. They walked around, looking for some human to be hugged. I especially loved that one. First day I saw him he just found out that the guy (on this photo) was digging a whole in sand. Dog run there and started digging, not allowing the guy to continue. Then they started to run around, also in the ocean, then dig again and so one. This dog was almost all the time around, sitting under our sunbed, trying to get our attention sometimes.


The next day this dog was around again. This time… saying hello to the same guy. And playing with him later as well. They were tourists, dog was local. But I think there was some kind of friendship between them already.


And this is what the dog did when I tried to show him to come to me. And I was staying behind the sunbed… :)


And on that last photo I see him saying “But really… what is it you are so excited about?”


5 responses to “Play with me!

    • Yeah, that looked like that. I’ve no idea how long they knew each other already, maybe they’ve spend more time there.

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