Hello? Telephone exchange? With the city, please…

Do you remember such phones? If you are young, would you know how to use them? Do you know that it didn’t call directly your friend or family but you had to be connected via telephone exchange?

Last weekend I’ve visited old bunker build to protect President of Poznan in case of nuclear attack. Bunker has been never used in favour of president as it would probably not protect from radiation due to its construction. Bunker is located under normally looking house and was declassified in 2000s. Inside the bunker everything look exactly as it was designed in late 50’s. Old desks and chairs, sofas, telephone exchange, phones. You could really feel like in 50’s and 60’s. And the view of youngsters trying to use that strange circle with numbers inside. Looks like phone, but how to use it? :D




5 responses to “Hello? Telephone exchange? With the city, please…

  1. I think the caller simply picked up the receiver and a switchboard operator came on the line. I picked up one kind of like that in Ansbach, Germany, at a train station and the Army command office answered. :-)

    • Army command… you had to be surprised :) It’s like on motorways. You just need to pick up the receiver in these yellow alarm phones (at least in Germany they look so) and the emergency answers.

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