Ewa Jermakowicz, 27 years old, software tester. Strongly believes that dreams come true – you just truly need to believe in that. In her free time she travels – further is better. Always organizes her trips by her own, trying to get to know cultures, people and life somewhere else. Her dream job includes travels all the time. Loves taking photos, even is sometimes they do not look like she would like them to. Last weeks started noticing beautiful places around her home city, realizing that she doesn’t have to fly thousand miles to find a great shot.


11 responses to “About

  1. thanks for stopping by and liking several of my posts. I can see from your pictures that you enjoy capturing the life around you on your trips. I used to work in IT as an applications developer. Photography offers a great diversion from the pressures of IT work. I wish you much success in your endeavors.

    • Than you Eddie for visiting and those words. Photography is something that makes me feel full, happy and when I forget about everything around. I hope that one day it will become bigger part of my life :)

    • Hi Tabea,

      thank you for your visit and comment. You are totally right, with travelling you learn to observe, also what is so normal for us, our neighborhood. Wish all the best for you too :) Ewa

  2. Greetings from Australia Ewa,
    Yes dreams can come true if only we have the courage to believe in them, and there is much beauty around the world. However the most valuable gift is to be able to see beauty wherever we are, especially at our very doorstep, where we live. :)
    God bless

    • Hi Konstantine! Thanks you for your visit. I think exactly the same – dreams come true when you believe in them. And I also know that there are places and things around which we sometimes do not notice and are worth it. I’m trying to recognize some of them here, but I, as many other people, have also troubles to be amazed by things that seem normal for me :)
      Take care!

  3. You are most welcome Ewa. You made a good point about recognising amazing things that appear normal. This is perfectly natural, and that is why I love to change environments. I often take trips into nature for inspiration or visit buildings that interest me. I think the important thing is to experience that which you are passionate about.

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